I produce limited series of 20 cassette tapes for musicians from all over the world, they play 20 minutes of music and I make the covers of each copy by hand, which are sold here or in my mail:




Each tape is a small unrepeatable work of art and each series of twenty tapes with twenty covers will be made only once.

The music can be heard online at:




Produzco series limitadas de 20 cintas de cassete a musicos de todo el mundo, ellos ponen  20  minutos de musica y yo hago a mano las portadas de cada copia, que se venden aqui o en my mail




Cada cinta es una pequena obra artistica irrepetible y cada serie de veinte cintas con veinte portadas se hara solo una vez.

La musica se puede escuchar de manera online  en  :




Donato Paravox & Oscar Rey

Music by Donato Paravox and painting and production by Oscar Rey,  20 unrepeatable artistic musical objects made in Berlin by Tapedub each sold at a price of 21 euros plus shipping costs while supplies last, once sold will not be reissued a new series.


Musica de Donato Paravox y Pintura y produccion de Oscar Rey,  20 objetos artistico musicales irrepetibles fabricados en Berlin por  Tapedub cada uno se vende a un precio  de 21 euros mas gastos de envio hasta finalizar existencias, una vez vendidas no se volvera a reeditar una nueva serie.


21,00 €

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